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Hot Point Heating and Air Conditioning offers complete sales, service and installation of quality heating & air conditioning products.

Help! You Say...

Welcome to Hotpoint Heating and Air Conditioning. I understand that the reason you are at my website is probably because your furnace, air conditioner or water heater is not working right now. You’re feeling stressed, worrying about how much this may cost to fix and how will you pay for this unplanned expense. You would like it fixed fast and without a lot of hassle!

I eliminate your frustration!

My website will hopefully give you enough information that helps you feel you found someone who will exceed your expectations as a service and repair company.

If I can help you over the phone charge, otherwise I’ll be right over.

I will service your existing furnace, air conditioner or water heater, install a new furnace or air conditioner, or perform preventative maintenance, based on your needs, to help improve the current energy efficiency of your home comfort system.

For those of you here without an emergency, thank you for taking the time to learn about my company. I look forward to helping you when the need arises.


Before You Call Me

To save you time and money, before you call, have you checked that:

  • Your thermostat is set correctly
  • Your filter is clean
  • The furnace power switch is on
  • Your circuit breaker is on

My Certifications

A person does not need to buy a license to be in this industry. That is where certifications fill the peace of mind. A certification doesn’t mean a repair technician is good, but it does mean they can perform with a verified level of knowledge. My 4 certifications are from the North American Technical Excellence Group or  (N.A.T.E)the largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. A certification helps you understand the knowledge a person has obtained and their ability to diagnose and fix your problem.  NATE is the only technician certification organization governed, owned, operated, developed and supported by the HVACR industry.

NATE certification